The 7 Most Potent CBD Strains

If you have your ears on trending health issues, the topic of CBD should already be familiar to you. Even though most people are aware that CBD comes from the cannabis sativa plant, what the public is missing is the fact that much stronger forms of the substance are very effective in healing numerous health conditions.


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Highly concentrated cannabinoid strains continue to drive the world crazy with their so-called panacea tag. The strains are purposefully produced to give users new healing benefits without altering their mental function. This article brings you all the vital information regarding these cannabinoid strains.

7 Most Potent CBD Strains

Are you tired of using normal strength CBD? Then maybe it’s time for you to start experimenting with new healing effects by trying the following more potent strains of CBD.

Charlotte’s Web

This CBD strain is performing well in treating seizures in kids. The substance takes its name from Charlotte Figi, an American girl who had been plagued by severe epileptic seizures since infancy. At 5-years-old, when Charlotte was administered doses of potent CBD, the number of seizures she endured decreased from 300 a week to about 2—3 a month. This successful treatment of childhood epilepsy by using potent CBD produced by Organic CBD Nugs completely changed the medical marijuana laws in the United States.


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Existing as cross product of G13 Haze and the MK Ultra weed stains, Cannatonic predates a lot of cannabinoids. This potent CBD strains is known for its uses in pain-killing and other health conditions.


Dr. William Courtney (a dietary cannabis expert) selected this potent CBD strain after receiving packets of seeds from Cannatonic creators — Resin Seeds. AC/DC has potential benefits in managing seizures, pain, and anxiety.  Check Cannaflower website for more info.


 The sativa dominance of Harlequin comes with a CBD:THC ratio of 5:2. Laboratory test results showed that this substance contains 8-16% CBD and 4-7% THC.

The well-balanced mixture makes Harlequin a potential healer of fatigue, chronic pain and so on.

Ringo’s Gift

This cross CBD substance is highly concentrated. It’s well-known for its therapeutic benefits. The substance takes its name from Lawrence Ringo — a CBD genetics pioneer. Ringo’s Gift has a variable CBD:THC ratio. It could be 1:1, and sometimes even higher than that.

The substance is thought to be beneficial in treating numerous mental health issues — anxiety, depression etc. Ringo’s Gift may also be a good cure for arthritis, inflammation, headache, etc.


It was initially grown by SoHum Seeds in Northern California. The CBD:THC ratio for this strain is 20:1; a very high but non-intoxicating amount. The benefits of this substance can be found in relaxation, pain relief, depression relief, etc. It also boasts of having terpenes like myrcene and pinene.


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Sour Tsunami

This potent and hybrid cannabinoid is known for its sativa-dominance and established health advantages. Laboratory tests on Sour Tsunami have yielded CBD levels of about 10-11% and THC levels of around 1-10%.

 This back-crossed CBD compound has been known to have several medicinal benefits such as relieving back pain and insomnia etc.

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