Top 15 Amazing or Funny Mug Ideas – Creative Crazy Idea Photography


1. What a way to start a new day for people… you know…


2. Your morning is under construction dear.


3. Photographer must love this:

4. Hot liquid bright your mug’s day!


6. I don’t want to have coffee in this.

7. Bad-ass mug, I love this one!

8. The Steam Mug that uses up the leftover water from your drinking mug, to humidify the room.


10. Blow the Monday awayyyyyyy!!!!!

11. You don’t see me boss, because I have the ninja mug lol..

12. Drowning Monday… with a sinking mug…

Sinking Mugs

13. Oh, drink off your coffee and find out this little cutie was there all the time ^.^


14. Play-time mug

Creative Mug To Play

15. And finally, shocking mug lol


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