4 Factors to Consider When Investing in New Backyard Water Features Dallas

It’s time to make some updates to the backyard landscaping. Along with elements like sod, shrubs, and flowers, you also want to think about what kind of backyard water features Dallas would be best for the space. Here are four key factors that you want to keep in mind as you look for the right features or talk with an expert about customized solutions.


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Size Matters

One of the first points to ponder has to do with the dimensions of the feature. Ideally, it should be large enough to enhance whatever visual effect that you have in mind. At the same time, it should not be large enough to draw attention away from other landscape aspects that you want people to notice.


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If you’re not sure about the scale, ask a professional for some recommendations. You may find that going with a slightly larger lion’s head spout would be perfect. At the same time, there’s also the possibility that a smaller spout than what you originally envisioned would fit in better.

So Does the Design

Any water features that you add should provide some degree of unity with the rest of the landscaping. By keeping the design in mind, it will be easier to include something that provides the harmonious appearance that you seek. At the same time, you can rest assured that the feature also performs in a way that you find pleasing.


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In some settings, a feature with a more ornate design is the right choice. Consider how something with more details would fit right in with an English country garden look for the back yard. At the same time, going for a more modern look with the space could mean that you want to keep the water feature design as simple and sleek as possible.

Draw your design ideas from the other elements in your yard. By opting for something that works well with them, you’re sure to be happy with the result.

Consider the Materials

You do have choices for the water feature materials. Consider the possibility of going with some type of metal like brass or aluminum. Both look great and will certainly fit in with most settings. If weight is something that you have to keep in mind, there’s no doubt that opting for aluminum features will be a great idea.


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The nice thing about these materials is that you can go with any design that you like. Whether it’s an original one of your own making or something that’s already offered by a manufacturer, finding something that has the right look while also weighing less will not be a problem.

And the Costs


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Unless you have deep pockets, the updates to the back yard must be managed with a budget in mind. Don’t skimp on quality just to save a few bucks, but do make every dollar count. As you look at different water features, pay close attention to what they have to offer. If you come across two different ones that are similar in quality but one is decidedly less expensive, it’s fine to go with the latter.

Remember that you plan on living with the features for a long time. Choose wisely and those decisions will be serve you well for many years.

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