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The Only 3 Shoes You’ll Need This Summer – Top Famous Design From Fashion Blog

Summer is synonymous with sun-filled days, outdoor festivities, and, of course, sweltering temperatures. When the season’s heat gets to be too much, the last thing anyone wants to do is wear an outfit that covers more than absolutely necessary—a truth that extends all the way to your feet. So while the cute closed-toe shoes you’ve been dying to wear might not be an option, this season’s top shoe trends will have you wishing summer’s warmth would stick around a bit longer than usual. Stock your closet with these three styles to ensure you have every shoe you’ll need this season.

the-only-3-shoes-youll-need-this-summer-top-famous-design-from-fashion-blog (4)The Pom-Pom Sandal

The summer just wouldn’t be the same without fun, vibrant adornments. To bring a bright splash of color into your outfit in a subtle way, opt for a sandal that features whimsical pom-poms. The vibrant puffs can be found adorning classic sandal silhouettes in a wide range of colors, sizes, and amounts. Some designers have chosen to place just a few pom-poms on the ankle strap or across the toe of the shoe (creating a subtle effect) while others opted for rainbow-hued clusters covering every inch (making for a fun and festive finish). While flat, minimalist styles and lace-up gladiator designs are far and away the most popular sandal silhouettes bearing the pom pom trend, strappy heels, wedges, and even slipper-inspired slides are undergoing a festive summer makeover via the eye-catching embellishment. Not only does the wide range of styles allow you to choose your favorite shoe, it also makes the pom pom trend incredibly versatile and adaptable to any outfit or occasion.

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If you’re still not sold on the pom-pom sandal trend, take it from this Today’s post – the fluffy little embellishments add a touch of fun to any outfit, whether you make them the star of the show by pairing them with shorts or let them peek out just a bit from underneath a floor-grazing maxi. Pom-pom adornments are also a great way to incorporate festival style into your daily life and give off a colorful, exotic vibe all summer long. For a more subtle take on the trend, opt for an understated sandal with just a few pom-poms in one hue, or go all out with a gladiator style that features the fuzzy spheres lacing up the calves.

The Pool Slide

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Easy to wear, super versatile, and comfortable even in the heat of the summer, the pool slide is like the cuter, more durable version of your favorite pair of well-worn flip-flops. Yes, the word ‘pool’ is technically in the name of this particular shoe, but that doesn’t mean they are exclusive to afternoons spent lounging in a chair or drifting on a float. And while the classic version of this particular trend happens to be the black-and-white-striped rubber style (often seen worn with socks), the modern version of the pool slide has definitely gotten a bit of an update. To bring the slide into 2016, opt for a style that features a shiny metallic finish, feisty animal print, or unexpected adornments such as buckles or gemstones across the top of the shoe. Alternately, choose a pool slide that is made of a supple leather or breathable canvas – instead of the original rubber material – and look for styles that feature a slim, barely-there design. The open back, flat heel, and thick strap across the middle of the foot make this summer shoe a breeze to slip on and go, which is a must for when you can’t be bothered with straps or laces.

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Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalist style or something that’s a bit more glam, the pool slide is, as this Glamourmagazine’s article writes, practical and unpretentious in all of its forms – perfect for pairing with straight-leg cropped jeans or a midi-length dress for a relaxed, youthful edge. With its relaxed finish and uncomplicated design, the revamped pool slide is an easy way to make every summer outfit look more pared-down, which is ideal for laidback outings during the warmest months of the year.

The Flatform

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A flat heel is definitely the way to go for summer. Between weekend getaways, outdoor activities, and afternoons spent strolling around town, comfort is crucial when it comes to your happiness (and the happiness of your feet). But, what if you don’t want to sacrifice the height a heel provides? Enter the flatform, a throwback style that combines a platform and a flat sandal. According to Stylecaster, the flatform features a uniform height across the sole, creating a chunky design that, admittedly, might seem a little intimidating to those who usually opt for a minimalist look. However, the flatform is surprisingly easy to style. Wear with shorts, a denim mini, boyfriend jeans, or a voluminous midi skirt for a chic and cool summer ensemble that will easily take you from the poolside to a night out with friends and everything in between.

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the-only-3-shoes-youll-need-this-summer-top-famous-design-from-fashion-blog (12)

the-only-3-shoes-youll-need-this-summer-top-famous-design-from-fashion-blog (11)

As if you needed any more reason to snatch this style up ASAP, another strength of the flatform is the varying sole heights it can be found in. If a little lift is all you’re after, opt for a style that is lower to the ground – this also keeps the shoe more streamlined and the flatform itself more subtle. If you decide the highest flatform you can find is the one for you, look for a style with an ankle strap to provide more stability when walking. As far as design goes, the sky is the limit. The summer’s flatform offerings incorporate everything from rose gold leather to orange-red velvet to go-to neutrals and everything in between. A classic black style is the obvious pair-with-anything choice, while styles with multiple straps, three dimensional texture, and unexpected colors add a bit of flair to your ensemble. Choose a pair that reflects your aesthetic and proceed to wear the flatform everywhere.

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