Medical Diagnostic Applications for Woods Lamp

Woods lamp is a vital tool in the healthcare industry. Not all skin conditions can be seen with naked eyes. This is where a woods lamp comes into play. With this device, your skincare professional can visually diagnose the skin infection and other irregularities you are currently experiencing. The skin abnormalities come to the limelight with the aid of ultraviolet light. No dermatologist will deliver an outstanding job without first running a visual diagnosis of the affected spot. Woods lamp testing makes this evaluation process easy, fast, and accurate.


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Skin Abnormalities To Detect Using Woods Lamp

Woods lamp testing can detect an array of skin abnormalities including ringworm, vitiligo, porphyria, corneal abrasions, tinea captitis, pigment disorders, bacteria infection, and acne vulgaris.
Healthy skin will display in violet or purple while undergoing woods lamp testing and will not glow. As the ultraviolet lights come across any infected spot, it displays a unique color. This way, you know the focus areas. Depending on the skin infection, it may appear as blue-white, pale-green, purple-brown, golden yellow, and pink-orange, just to name a few.

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  • Vitiligo

The best way to diagnose and differential vitiligo from other skin conditions such as pityriasis or leprosy is by running a woods lamp examination. It comes in handy, particularly in light-skinned patients. This skin condition appears as white patches under the devices. Depending on your skincare routine, these patches may grow. By performing a woods lamp examination, it will be easier to know the best treatment procedure to choose from.


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  • Porphyria

The primary signs of porphyria are skin rashes, scarring, and blistering. This skin disorder appears red-pink under a woods lamp examination. Excess porphyria in the body can extend to other areas of the body and waste such as urine, red blood cells, teeth, and stool samples

  • Bacteria Infections

Bacteria infection can be hazardous to health. For instance, pathogens such as Pseudomonas can appear as bright green during a woods lamp examination. Want to know if you have the Stevens-Johnson syndrome? A woods lamp examination will give you just the perfect diagnosis.


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Other Uses of Woods Lamp

When purchasing equipment for your medical facility, be sure to add a woods lamp to the list. This device serves a wide range of purposes. It can be used for pigmentation disorder, parasite infestations, acne, detection of skin allergens, and much more. Woods lamp also cuts across other fields which include gemology, forensics, and mineralogy, among others. While a woods lamp may find it hard to detect certain bacteria or infections on the skin, it is regarded as an effective tool for diagnosing skin disorders.

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Woods lamps are easy to find. You can buy them online from a reputable medical equipment manufacturer. The best part is that it is affordable. So no matter your budget, there is always a woods lamp for you. Now, skin dermatologists can run a skin diagnosis and recommended the right treatment procedure without second-guessing, thanks to this device. This gives customers more confidence to use your service even more.

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