Girls Seek Respect – It Lasts Longer – Daily Positive Quote Motivation Thought

Girls, Please Seek Respect, Not Attention, It Last Longer.


DIY Mini Pallet Coasters – Easy Homemade Kid Craft Decoration Project Idea


  • 1 peice of craft basswood 1/16″ x 3″ x 24″ OR you can use one bag of large popsicle sticks LARGE(NOT REGULAR SIZED)
  • 1 peice of 1/4″ x 1″ x 4 ft
  • Wood glue or hot glue (wood glue is better but there is no problem using hot glue)
  • Black paint or coffee or tea (to be used for staining)
  • Box cutter
  • paper plate or some other place to mix paint and water
  • sand paper (any)


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Please Walk Me – Boston Terrier – Funny Cute Dog and Cat Photo

Please walk me! – Boston Terrier too cute!!!


Protea – Spring Backyard Flower Garden Project

Protea is both the botanical name and the English common name of a genus of South African flowering plants, sometimes also called sugarbushes.


The genus Protea was named in 1735 by Carl Linnaeus after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his form at will, because they have such a wide variety of forms.

The Proteaceae family to which proteas belong is an ancient one. Its ancestors grew in Gondwana, 300 million years ago. Proteaceae is divided into two subfamilies: the Proteoideae, best represented in southern Africa, and the Grevilleoideae, concentrated in Australia and South America and the other smaller segments of Gondwana that are now part of eastern Asia.

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