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While it is true that most dog owners see their dogs as part of the family, which is a healthy approach, we should not forget that they are dogs and not humans. This means that they do deserve all our love, care, and respect. But, at the same time, we need to respect the way they function and see the world. It is wrong to try to humanize a dog, as the results are never as expected. 

Dogs are pack animals and they need a leader in order to behave well. If they won’t feel that you are a leader, they will attempt to take this position, so that the “pack” aka the family, is protected and well looked after. You cannot allow this to happen because you will lose control of your dog. It will disobey you and will do only what they consider appropriate or right. In their eyes, you will be second in command in this case, so your orders or requirements will be disregarded.


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Another thing worthy of remembering is that all dogs need a pack leader, both small and large. Many people don’t see the need to be a pack leader for their Chihuahua or Yorkie. But, in spite of their small stature and fragile bodies, they are still dogs. Thus, they will need a leader to show them the right way and protect them, not the other way around.

How to become a good pack leader for your dog? Take a look at the steps listed below and become the pack leader your dog deserves. Bear in mind that they need to have a leader, so if you don’t want to take the position, your dog will, and that’s not to your advantage.

  • Start by educating yourself

If you don’t know too much about how dogs function, you will have to educate yourself first. You can ask for the help of a dog trainer or dog behaviorist. Or you can look for information on the Internet. The main idea is that dogs are descendant from wild wolves, so they still price a proper pack order. For them, each family member has a certain position in the pack. Thus, the entire family will have to be part of this, if this is applicable. It doesn’t matter if you are single or have a family with children, because there must be a pack leader.

What you need to bear in mind is that aggressiveness or harshness is not needed in order to become a pack leader. On the contrary, you will have to be calm, but assertive. You will have to be firm and adopt the right kind of attitude. You can very well be a loving leader, guiding your dog with a gentle hand. So, don’t think that being tough will also make you a good pack leader.


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  • Know your dog well

From the moment you bring your puppy home, you will have to get to know it as well as it is possible. You see, dogs are also unique and have different personalities. Even puppies coming from the same litter will display different character traits. Knowing your dog will give you the chance to be the leader it needs for a balanced and happy life.

Why the character of a dog matters so much? Well, for instance, a shy dog will have to be handled with care, calmness, and patience. Hyperactive dogs, on the other hand, may require a higher dose of firmness from your side.


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  • You will have to embrace the posture of pack leader

In order to be seen as a pack leader, you will have to believe you are one. So, you will need to be firm and composed and display the right attitude. Dogs are great body language readers and will tell if you are insecure or weak. Also, they will tell if you are nervous or anxious as well, so try to avoid such states of mind. Instead, do your best to be calm, stable, and secure on your actions and reactions. Of course, don’t forget about kindness, love, and affection, which are so needed by your dog.


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  • The boundaries will have to be clearly set right from the start

It is not recommended to allow the dog to do whatever it wants. If you don’t want it to sleep in your bed or on the couch, you should make these boundaries clear. You should show the dog who owns the territory. This is not a sign that you don’t love the dog. It just shows the dog who is the leader. Plus the set boundaries will help you both live in harmony and peace.


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When it comes to dogs, you will have to do this with the help of body language. They can’t understand what you’re saying, but will definitely understand what your body is saying. If you want to transmit a message to your dog, establish eye contact and adopt the right position. You will see that it will understand what your intention is. Of course, if you’re having just a puppy, it may not get it right away, as puppies are just like children. But, as it will grow, it will understand you better.

  • Give your dog tasks and responsibilities

In a pack, every member has a clear role to play. This is for the well-being of the entire pack, of course.  What kind of tasks or work can you give your dog? Well, because it is more a companion than a worker, you will have to give it toys, walk it, play with it, and go through obedience training. A dog will feel much better when you will assign it tasks and will give it the chance to burn its energy in one way or another. Just like humans, dogs also need mental and physical stimulation, on a daily basis.


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With this information in hand, you are more than ready to become a pack leader. Of course, additional research and education are always welcome. If you’re looking to get a dog soon and you’re not sure what dog breed to choose, do check out Premier Pups. This online platform collaborates with reliable dog breeders only and will guarantee the quality and health of the puppies. Also, the variety of dog breeds and puppies is very generous, so there are high chances you will find your dream puppy with Premier Pups.

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