Glitter Spider Web Shoes – Easy Making DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


  1. Sketch out the spider web using the ruler and pen. Keep in mind the shape of the shoe. I made my web a little longer in the front to come down to the tip of my shoes. I also made a few of the upper strings longer. They can easily wrap around the foot and attach to the shoe.
  2. Then trace the shape of the spider web onto the foil. With a steady hand (and consistent pressure) trace out the web with the hot glue. It dries quickly. If there are areas that need filled in or extended, it easy to go back over and fill in with the hot glue. Once dry, pick off any hot glue strings. It is also easy to trim off any globs of glue with a small pair of scissors.
  3. Using a small paint brush, brush on glue over the entire spider web, then cover with silver glitter. Let dry and shake off glitter. If you line your container with foil or another pliable surface, it is easy to put the extra glitter back in the jar.
  4. Flip web over and brush on glue to the bottom half of the back of the web. Attach to shoe…I needed to use masking tape to hold the ends down around the sides until the glue dried. Before attaching the upper sides, I tried on the shoes, to make sure there was room for my foot. I wanted to make sure there was room for my foot to move around, so the upper strings don’t pop off!

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