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Fantastic Hairstyles For The Beach And Pool – Top Famous Design From Fashion Blog

Whether due to the heated temperatures of spring and summer or a planned trip, going to the beach is a favorite activity of many around the globe. Swimming pools, lakes and rivers are similarly inviting for fun and relaxation when the weather permits.

However, even in the more relaxed environment, most women still want their hair to look good. But this is certainly not the time to pull out the flat iron and styling products. Instead, you need to find flattering looks that are easy to maintain. Otherwise, you may end up with an unflattering knotted mess.

The fastest and easiest solution is the ponytail. All you need is a strong stretchy band to hold your locks in place. Make sure that you avoid any ponytail holders with damage or metal attachments as these can damage your hair. A soft, loose ponytail will keep your hair out of your face and only takes a minute to do, including fix-ups throughout the day. Consider using a scrunchie that coordinates with your bathing suit.

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Another option is to put your hair up in a bun. Though buns were once primarily used by conservative women as a way to secure long hair, celebrities have made these a popular hairstyle today. You can find bun designs that sit close to the top of your head down to the nape of your neck.

As with the ponytail, you do not want to pull your hair super tight when creating a bun to wear at the beach or swimming pool. A loose bun will look and feel better. If you are not experienced with making buns, you can find tutorials online and accessories designed to help you create a flawless bun every time. For those adventurous sci-fi fans, a bun on either side of your head is a fun choice.

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Similarly, top knots are a popular choice for girls and women headed out for some summer fun. Similar to buns, top knots can be designed for a youthful feel or a more mature, polished presentation. Your hair needs to be shoulder length, and preferably longer for this look to work. If you have bangs, sweep them to one side of your face rather than attempting to hide them within the rest of your hair. The elements and your activities will cause them to fall out and can look awkward. Think of the classic photos of Audrey Hepburn with her hair up and bangs framing the top of her face. You can create something akin to her style, only modernized and more relaxed for the beach.

One timeless design with innumerable choices is the french braid. You can create one braid that includes all of your hair, one running down each side of your face or a combination of the two. The third option involves french braiding each side until you reach the back and then incorporating them into a new french braid using the rest of your hair.

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