DIY Light-Bulb Snowman – Top Easy Christmas Interior Party Decor Design Project

  1. Start by painting your light bulbs white and let them dry.
  2. Cut out little snowmen scarves from your fabric or felt. Give the scarf a little fringe on the ends too!
  3. Glue the scarves on your bulbs.
  4. Using your markers draw on buttons and mouths and eyes and arms.
  5. Cut out a little triangle of orange paper to make the carrot nose. Glue a hook or hanging string* on top of each light-bulb. All set!

*Make an ornament top. Collect a beer cap, paint it so that it’s pretty, then use a hammer and nail to punch a hole right in the center. Cut a length of wire and poke both ends through the top of the bottle. Twist the wire together, hot glue it so it won’t come loose, and you’ve got an ornament top!

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