DIY Easter Bunny Ears Gift Bag – Kid Craft & Homemade Decoration Project Idea


  1. Cut out 2 square pieces of fabric for your gift bag, size as your wish, you could make them as big as you want. Repeat for the inside fabric.
  2. Draw & cut out 4 ear shape pieces.
  3. Put 1 piece of inside & 1 piece of outside fabric together, fold in the edge of 2 sides & bottom, adhere them, then sew 1 line 1.5 inches away from the open edge of the bag [top of the bag]. Repeat with 2 others pieces.
  4. Now put all 4 pieces together, sew 2 sides & bottom [with the fold-in edges], stop at your first sewing line [1.5 inches away from the open side].
  5. Sew the bunny ears [sew inside out, then flip it right-side out].Β Now fold the pipe cleaner into an U shape, add it into your bunny’ ears. Β Put the bunny’ ears between inside & rightside fabric, fold in the open edges, using pins to adhere the ears & bag, sew. Fold in the open edge of other side of your bag, sew.
  6. Insert the string, wooden bead to your bag, insert gift, tie the string and done!

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