Chicken Lettuce Wrapped & Sweet Chili Dipping – Quick Healthy Lunch Idea

  1. Wash and dry lettuce cups.
  2. Cook chicken with water and onion over medium heat until chicken is no longer pink, breaking it up into crumbles with a wooden spoon.
  3. Drain off any excess water, move to a medium pan, stir in fish sauce, and cook on high heat for about 10 mins until the chicken is brown and sticky. Remove from heat, stir in cilantro, lime juice.
  4. To serve, spoon chicken into each lettuce leaf.

Sweet Chile Dipping Sauce Recipe

  1. Combine vinegar, sugar, garlic, ginger, sriracha and chili flakes in a small pot and bring to a simmer over medium heat.
  2. Cook for 5-7 minutes, or until mixture begins to turn syrupy, then reduce heat to low.
  3. Mix cornstarch in 1/4 cup of water and stir into sauce. Bring back up to a simmer — sauce should thicken substantially.

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