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Empathy Stuff Came Out of Wicked Brain – Famous Daily Funny Caption Quote

Sometime I wonder how functional your brain is, because so much nice and empathy stuff miraculously came out of that evil wicked thing.


Top 15 Amazing or Funny Mug Ideas – Creative Crazy Idea Photography

  1. What a way to start a new day for people... you know...   2. Your morning is under construction dear.   3. Photographer must love this: 4. Hot liquid bright your mug's day! 5. 6. I don't want to have coffee in this. 7. Bad-ass mug, I love this one! 8. The Steam Mug…


Bad Day Optimization – Daily Funny Positive Caption Quote

Think you've got a bad day? Think again... Whoever here definitely got a worst day...Positive mind-set after seeing this...


Crazy Woman due to Stupid Man – Daily Funny Caption Quotes

Haha, a MEN is saying that... How accuracy it is!

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