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Old Painted Shabby Chic Furniture – Top Easy Interior Decor Design Project

Shabby chic items are often heavily painted through the years, with many layers showing through obviously time-worn areas. The style is imitated in faux painting using glaze or by painting then rubbing and sanding away the top coat to show the wood or base coats, known as "distressing" the finish of the furniture. Furniture pieces…


DIY Sitting Horse Free PDF and Instruction – Top Easy Homemade Kid Craft Decor Design Project

Lovely sitting horse. Here how to do it:   Many thanks to Visit them for even more!


DIY Handmade Felt Fat Bird – Top Easy Homemade Kid Craft Decor Design Project

Check out these lovely fat little felt birds, how cute and they're really easy to make too!   Many thanks to Visit them for even more!


DIY Cardboard Box Steering Wheel Car – Top Easy Homemade Kid Craft Decor Design Project

Kids will think it’s wheely awesome when they find a real key in the ignition of this cardboard car. What you’ll need: 30x16x14-inch box scissors hot-glue gun black electrical tape, blue painter’s tape, yellow masking tape self-adhesive utility lights (available at hardware stores) 2 large yellow and 3 red plastic jar lids, 2 large red…


DIY Coconut Oil Soap – Holistic Organic Agricultural Production Recipes

In chemistry, soap is a salt of a fatty acid. Soaps are mainly used as surfactants for washing, bathing, and cleaning, but they are also used in textile spinning and are important components of lubricants. The glycerin is a useful by-product, which can be left in the soap product as a softening agent, or isolated…


Take Photos Of Your Baby – Creative Family Photography Tip & Toddler Idea

Taking pictures for the baby is not easy, monotonous ideas & the models are similar. Even the best photographers are also get it difficult to perform photo shoot like that. But if we add to frame some small and simple additional things such as baby crib.


Golf ball Ladybugs – DIY Front Yard Landscaping Design Ideas

  Summer time, it's time for some gardening and outdoor activities. Let's take a look and check out these super cute mini ladybugs made by old up-cycled golf balls. They are cheap and easy to make, so get a dozen of them and hidden them every where. Your children would be so exited when they…


Decoding strategies Anchor Chart – Goal for Teaching – Kindergarten Class

Decoding strategies anchor chart to hang in the classroom after teaching each strategy in small group. Yay! I cant wait to hang it!


DIY Mini Pallet Coasters – Easy Homemade Kid Craft Decoration Project Idea

Supplies: 1 peice of craft basswood 1/16" x 3" x 24" OR you can use one bag of large popsicle sticks LARGE(NOT REGULAR SIZED) 1 peice of 1/4" x 1" x 4 ft Wood glue or hot glue (wood glue is better but there is no problem using hot glue) Black paint or coffee or…

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