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4 Rules for Creating an Active Recovery Workout – Smart Motivation Ideas


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Achieving fitness goals requires strategic exercises and rest and recovery days as well. After a series of actions on your muscles, your body will start to beg for a rest day and you may get confused about what a rest day should be like. An active rest, also known as active recovery, will help to loosen the stiff muscles and will leave you feeling energized and ready for another round of workouts. This active recovery is not meant to be another form of exercise, so you should not go too hard on it. It should only be hard enough to create proper blood circulation in all of the organs and muscles to aid fast and proper recovery. You will note that your body will quickly recover from pain and soreness when you have an active rest.

Benefits of active recovery

Being active has the benefit of clearing out lactic acid that is produced by the muscles. During an intensive workout, lactic acid is produced as an alternative source of energy to supply the muscles when they run low on glucose and oxygen. It is the same chemical that gives you a burning sensation after a session of intensive workouts, and clearing it from the body will help you to ease the post-workout pain and muscle soreness. Being active also makes you recover more quickly because you increase the circulation of the lymph system and blood and your joints are lubricated to improve mobility.
Building muscle and power does not come easily, and sometimes you may get impatient with the results that you are getting after a few weeks of working out. The secret behind having a good physique and not just a slim body is including a variety of workouts that work on your whole body. For your muscles to repair the tears in them, you have to rest to realize what you have been working for. Besides rest, steroids can come in handy in supplementing your diet and workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals and recover. It is crucial to buy steroids from reliable vendors who sell quality and genuine products, and you can easily get them online, for example at https://musclesfax.ws/.

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A good diet is also irreplaceable and what you eat determines the energy your body has for a workout. You can also work with a fitness expert to guide you on your diet on your journey to fitness and avoid hitting a plateau, which is common for those who are trying to lose weight and build muscles. Protein is an essential component of any diet when it comes to repairing worn-out cells, and you should therefore include plenty of it in during active recovery. A high fiber diet also helps you to stay full and gives you energy throughout the day to avoid cravings.
Muscle pain makes many quit the journey of fitness, and it comes mostly when you take a passive rest. This is because you will take a longer time to heal, and by the time you are going back to the normal workouts, you have to start from square one, which is not easy. To hit a balance in exercising, you should adopt an active recovery workout to give your muscles time to recover and keep your body strong.

Rules for creating an active recovery workout

There are different ways to stay active during an active recovery, but here are some guidelines that will help you choose your activities wisely.

97062664 - woman runner doing stretching exercises. woman doing warm up stretches on rocks at the beach.

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Choose a lightweight and non-taxing exercise

The importance of light exercises is purely to stimulate the recovery process without adding stress on the torn muscles. The movements should feel fluid and relaxed, but if you feel that the exercise is straining you, it means that you are not doing it right. You can use light weights, body weight, or resistance band to achieve light intensity workouts.


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Do multi-joint exercises

You should choose exercises that involve a full range of motion to avoid isolating a group of muscles. This helps every muscle to get enough supply of oxygen and nutrients and also stops stiffness and soreness. This gives you flexibility and strength to resume your exercises.

Focus on key muscles

This is the best part of light exercises because you focus on other muscles that are not addressed during regular workouts. It helps to relax the injured muscles and also keeps you active throughout. You can adopt simple cardio exercises if you have been concentrating on strength training.


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Choose exercises that increase blood flow

The purpose of doing light exercises is to have motion and increase circulation throughout the body. Even a simple walk will do you good as you wait for your muscles to relax and stop aching.


Though the recovery period is supposed to be a time for rest and repair of the worn-out tissues, it is not a time to get totally dormant. The athlete needs to be active in a reasonable way to help in healing and re-energizing, and the above guidelines can help in that. Active rest gives you the chance to heal and strengthen your muscles faster than a passive rest can give.


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Spider Web Chocolate Cheesecake – Best Cheap Easy Halloween Dessert Food Idea


Cookie crust:

  • 350 gr chocolate cookies
  • 170 gr butter
  • 50 gr sugar
  • Pinch of salt

Cheese filling:

  • 600 gr cream cheese
  • 200 gr sugar
  • 240 ml heavy cream

Chocolate ganache:

  • 120 gr chocolate chips
  • 120 gr heavy cream



Make the crust:

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How to Be The Pack Leader Your Dog Deserves – Inspiring True Life Wisdom Facts

While it is true that most dog owners see their dogs as part of the family, which is a healthy approach, we should not forget that they are dogs and not humans. This means that they do deserve all our love, care, and respect. But, at the same time, we need to respect the way they function and see the world. It is wrong to try to humanize a dog, as the results are never as expected. 

Dogs are pack animals and they need a leader in order to behave well. If they won’t feel that you are a leader, they will attempt to take this position, so that the “pack” aka the family, is protected and well looked after. You cannot allow this to happen because you will lose control of your dog. It will disobey you and will do only what they consider appropriate or right. In their eyes, you will be second in command in this case, so your orders or requirements will be disregarded.


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Another thing worthy of remembering is that all dogs need a pack leader, both small and large. Many people don’t see the need to be a pack leader for their Chihuahua or Yorkie. But, in spite of their small stature and fragile bodies, they are still dogs. Thus, they will need a leader to show them the right way and protect them, not the other way around.

How to become a good pack leader for your dog? Take a look at the steps listed below and become the pack leader your dog deserves. Bear in mind that they need to have a leader, so if you don’t want to take the position, your dog will, and that’s not to your advantage.

  • Start by educating yourself

If you don’t know too much about how dogs function, you will have to educate yourself first. You can ask for the help of a dog trainer or dog behaviorist. Or you can look for information on the Internet. The main idea is that dogs are descendant from wild wolves, so they still price a proper pack order. For them, each family member has a certain position in the pack. Thus, the entire family will have to be part of this, if this is applicable. It doesn’t matter if you are single or have a family with children, because there must be a pack leader.

What you need to bear in mind is that aggressiveness or harshness is not needed in order to become a pack leader. On the contrary, you will have to be calm, but assertive. You will have to be firm and adopt the right kind of attitude. You can very well be a loving leader, guiding your dog with a gentle hand. So, don’t think that being tough will also make you a good pack leader.


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  • Know your dog well

From the moment you bring your puppy home, you will have to get to know it as well as it is possible. You see, dogs are also unique and have different personalities. Even puppies coming from the same litter will display different character traits. Knowing your dog will give you the chance to be the leader it needs for a balanced and happy life.

Why the character of a dog matters so much? Well, for instance, a shy dog will have to be handled with care, calmness, and patience. Hyperactive dogs, on the other hand, may require a higher dose of firmness from your side.


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  • You will have to embrace the posture of pack leader

In order to be seen as a pack leader, you will have to believe you are one. So, you will need to be firm and composed and display the right attitude. Dogs are great body language readers and will tell if you are insecure or weak. Also, they will tell if you are nervous or anxious as well, so try to avoid such states of mind. Instead, do your best to be calm, stable, and secure on your actions and reactions. Of course, don’t forget about kindness, love, and affection, which are so needed by your dog.


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  • The boundaries will have to be clearly set right from the start

It is not recommended to allow the dog to do whatever it wants. If you don’t want it to sleep in your bed or on the couch, you should make these boundaries clear. You should show the dog who owns the territory. This is not a sign that you don’t love the dog. It just shows the dog who is the leader. Plus the set boundaries will help you both live in harmony and peace.


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When it comes to dogs, you will have to do this with the help of body language. They can’t understand what you’re saying, but will definitely understand what your body is saying. If you want to transmit a message to your dog, establish eye contact and adopt the right position. You will see that it will understand what your intention is. Of course, if you’re having just a puppy, it may not get it right away, as puppies are just like children. But, as it will grow, it will understand you better.

  • Give your dog tasks and responsibilities

In a pack, every member has a clear role to play. This is for the well-being of the entire pack, of course.  What kind of tasks or work can you give your dog? Well, because it is more a companion than a worker, you will have to give it toys, walk it, play with it, and go through obedience training. A dog will feel much better when you will assign it tasks and will give it the chance to burn its energy in one way or another. Just like humans, dogs also need mental and physical stimulation, on a daily basis.


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With this information in hand, you are more than ready to become a pack leader. Of course, additional research and education are always welcome. If you’re looking to get a dog soon and you’re not sure what dog breed to choose, do check out Charlotte Dog Club. This online platform collaborates with reliable dog breeders only and will guarantee the quality and health of the puppies. Also, the variety of dog breeds and puppies is very generous, so there are high chances you will find your dream puppy with Charlotte Dog Club.


3 Key Tips for Keeping Wardrobe Shopping Under Budget

People spend a lot of money on clothes because outfits are important. The outfits allow us to showcase our personality. They also empower us and boost our confidence. But that does not mean that you should spend more money on wardrobe than you can afford.

Young woman searching what to wear in a wardrobe

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Looking stylish and fashionable is nothing to do with a number of clothes in your wardrobe. It is all about knowing what to wear and when to wear. If you are smart shopper you can make an adult Christmas onesie look stylish as well.

Here are a few tips that can help you in creating a balanced wardrobe.


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Get a Second Opinion:

If you want to control the wardrobe shopping budget then you need to figure out where you are overspending. When it comes to clothes, it is hard, to be honest with ourselves. We love everything we buy and we do not want to throw it away. If you want to stop overspending then you need an honest second opinion. You can always invite your honest friend while spring cleaning. It will help in determining which clothes are a good part of the wardrobe and which ones are total wastes. You can use the opinion during the next shopping trip. It will restrain you from buying colors and styles that do not suit you.


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When you are cleaning the wardrobe you need to divide the clothing items into different categories. Create three piles. In the first pile, you should put the clothes that you do not want. In the second put the clothes that you do not wear anymore. The third pile is for the ones that you do not need. The final pile is for the ones you keep.

If you are having difficulty in categorizing you should consider following things:

  • When was the last time you wore it?
  • Do you have more than one of those things in your closet?
  • Do you feel comfortable wearing it?
  • Does it fit?
  • Does it go with more than three items in your closet?

These questions are perfect for determining whether a certain clothing item is a keeper or not.


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What is lacking:

After you clean out the wardrobe, you are ready for the shopping list. You need to determine which outfits the wardrobe needs. It is never a good idea to go shopping without a plan. It makes it easy to get carried away by new and fancy trends. If you have a shopping list you will stay focused. You do not want to waste your wardrobe budget on mindless purchases. It is important that you have a balanced wardrobe. It makes sure that you always have something nice and fashionable to wear, no matter what the occasion. If you have a great pair of jeans but lack good t-shirts to pair with it, then you should get some t-shirts.

Keep these things in mind and you will be able to build a great wardrobe. You can always give the clothes you do not need to charity or thrift stores so you have a zero waste wardrobe.


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How To Make Your Dog Love You – True Facts to Live Your Life Happy With Pet

One of the most beautiful moments in life is when another soul enters our home. A dog brings about peace and tranquility. Many have stated that having a dog can be very therapeutic. Dogs are truly affectionate creatures. But what if the dog that you’re introducing to your home has already reached adulthood and formed attachments? Socializing and interaction might be more difficult than you think.

how-to-make-your-dog-love-you-true-facts-to-live-your-life-happy-with-pet (2)

There is no one-size-fits-them-all approach when it comes to dogs because each race is different and every dog is unique. If you want to win a dog’s love you’ll need to invest time and a bit of effort.

You could start by trying to understand your dog and to know his needs. If you give him the loving care that he needs and do things that he loves, he will eventually warm up to you.

Win your dog’s trust by creating a strong bond between the two of you.

Regardless of your dog’s personality, you must act like a leader that he can look up to. Your Maltese puppy, for instance, will still need someone to be supported by, even if it’s a fearless creature that will do anything in its power to protect you.

Keep a close eye on him and notice what he likes and what he doesn’t like. The more time you spend with him doing things that he likes, the stronger the bond between the two of you will be.


Dogs are known to be one of the most active animal species on Earth

They absolutely love the outdoors and don’t really enjoy staying indoors for long periods of time. They simply aren’t made for a sedentary lifestyle, so you should really make an effort to take him out for a walk. This is beneficial for his overall well-being and the bond between the two of you. Don’t forget to use a leash when taking him out for a walk in order to avoid conflicts with other stray dogs. Also, choose an anti-flea leash, so that your dog doesn’t bring unexpected guests back home.

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Dogs need to be mentally stimulated

Training them is an efficient method to nurture their lust for life and agility. Dog training works for any breed. There are some specific techniques that you must apply for him to learn that it’s not OK to jump on people or stray out of sight. Dogs with a higher-than-average IQ can be trained to do more complex tasks. That’s why the police or other government institutions use dogs for search and rescue operations. Try to teach your dog one little trick a week. You could start by teaching him simple commands and progress towards more complicated tasks. This will make him happy and loyal towards you.


Reward him when he does something right

Professional trainers know that the best method to encourage an animal to behave in a certain way is to give him small rewards every time he listens to you or correctly executes a trick. Thus, your dog will learn to associate that action with receiving a reward. Feed him foods that are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Be extra careful when you feed him off your table. Some foods are toxic for dogs.


Allow him to sleep in bed with you from time to time

An animal that is attached to you will want to spend as much time as possible with you. If you try to isolate him in another room, he might get sad. However, if you don’t want him to constantly sleep in bed next to you, you can let him do it only occasionally. He will then view it as a reward.

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Be gentle with him

As any other pet, dogs can get depressed if treated badly. If you often punish him, yell at him, or worst, use physical violence against him, not only will you train him to do naughty things, but your dog will start fearing you. An anxious dog is much more predisposed to heart disease, digestive or respiratory problems. Thus, you should avoid being abusive in any way, even verbally.

Follow these tips and it’ll be easier to create a loving bond with your dog. You will come to understand the full meaning of why dog is man’s best friend.

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When a dog loves you, he will become annoying in an adorable way.


He will constantly come after you, jump on your lap and make you want to play with him. He does this because he feels comfortable with you and loves your company.

One of the most obvious signs of affection is when he starts licking you. In the moment that your four-legged friend jumps on you and licks you, he’s telling you that he loves you. While it may not be very hygienic, it’s his way of showing you love.

You will be greeted with enthusiastic jumps and happy howls when you arrive home. There are few things in life that can match the love seen in a dog’s eyes when his master comes home.

When you’re out, your four-legged friend will act like a bodyguard, always hanging by your side and defending you from any perceived threat.

If your dog is displaying at least some of the behaviors mentioned above, odds are that you’ve won his/her heart. Don’t worry if he doesn’t immediately warm up to you. Just treat him right, be considerate and both of you will be happy.

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