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4 Rules for Creating an Active Recovery Workout – Smart Motivation Ideas


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Achieving fitness goals requires strategic exercises and rest and recovery days as well. After a series of actions on your muscles, your body will start to beg for a rest day and you may get confused about what a rest day should be like. An active rest, also known as active recovery, will help to loosen the stiff muscles and will leave you feeling energized and ready for another round of workouts. This active recovery is not meant to be another form of exercise, so you should not go too hard on it. It should only be hard enough to create proper blood circulation in all of the organs and muscles to aid fast and proper recovery. You will note that your body will quickly recover from pain and soreness when you have an active rest.

Benefits of active recovery

Being active has the benefit of clearing out lactic acid that is produced by the muscles. During an intensive workout, lactic acid is produced as an alternative source of energy to supply the muscles when they run low on glucose and oxygen. It is the same chemical that gives you a burning sensation after a session of intensive workouts, and clearing it from the body will help you to ease the post-workout pain and muscle soreness. Being active also makes you recover more quickly because you increase the circulation of the lymph system and blood and your joints are lubricated to improve mobility.
Building muscle and power does not come easily, and sometimes you may get impatient with the results that you are getting after a few weeks of working out. The secret behind having a good physique and not just a slim body is including a variety of workouts that work on your whole body. For your muscles to repair the tears in them, you have to rest to realize what you have been working for. Besides rest, steroids can come in handy in supplementing your diet and workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals and recover. It is crucial to buy steroids from reliable vendors who sell quality and genuine products, and you can easily get them online, for example at https://musclesfax.org/.

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A good diet is also irreplaceable and what you eat determines the energy your body has for a workout. You can also work with a fitness expert to guide you on your diet on your journey to fitness and avoid hitting a plateau, which is common for those who are trying to lose weight and build muscles. Protein is an essential component of any diet when it comes to repairing worn-out cells, and you should therefore include plenty of it in during active recovery. A high fiber diet also helps you to stay full and gives you energy throughout the day to avoid cravings.
Muscle pain makes many quit the journey of fitness, and it comes mostly when you take a passive rest. This is because you will take a longer time to heal, and by the time you are going back to the normal workouts, you have to start from square one, which is not easy. To hit a balance in exercising, you should adopt an active recovery workout to give your muscles time to recover and keep your body strong.

Rules for creating an active recovery workout

There are different ways to stay active during an active recovery, but here are some guidelines that will help you choose your activities wisely.

97062664 - woman runner doing stretching exercises. woman doing warm up stretches on rocks at the beach.

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Choose a lightweight and non-taxing exercise

The importance of light exercises is purely to stimulate the recovery process without adding stress on the torn muscles. The movements should feel fluid and relaxed, but if you feel that the exercise is straining you, it means that you are not doing it right. You can use light weights, body weight, or resistance band to achieve light intensity workouts.


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Do multi-joint exercises

You should choose exercises that involve a full range of motion to avoid isolating a group of muscles. This helps every muscle to get enough supply of oxygen and nutrients and also stops stiffness and soreness. This gives you flexibility and strength to resume your exercises.

Focus on key muscles

This is the best part of light exercises because you focus on other muscles that are not addressed during regular workouts. It helps to relax the injured muscles and also keeps you active throughout. You can adopt simple cardio exercises if you have been concentrating on strength training.


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Choose exercises that increase blood flow

The purpose of doing light exercises is to have motion and increase circulation throughout the body. Even a simple walk will do you good as you wait for your muscles to relax and stop aching.


Though the recovery period is supposed to be a time for rest and repair of the worn-out tissues, it is not a time to get totally dormant. The athlete needs to be active in a reasonable way to help in healing and re-energizing, and the above guidelines can help in that. Active rest gives you the chance to heal and strengthen your muscles faster than a passive rest can give.


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